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Lubbsolute Training Solutions & Capacity Developers is a South Africa based Training and Capacity Development Organization bringing academics, professionalism, skills, experience, knowledge, research and training evaluation together with efforts from a range of strategically selected training institutes, consultants, and professional bodies across the world.

Areas of collaboration include training, capacity development, leisure learning, coaching, assessment and research in a broad spectrum of areas. These include management, human resources development, accounting, banking, financial studies, legal and Para-legal studies, corporate leadership, sports management studies, population, health, environment and agriculture studies, multisectoral training, skills base training, communications and language studies, strategic information technology, and Labour relations.

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Some key partner projects in 2017
pan africa business summit
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  Lubbsolute Training Solution is a Training & Synergy Outfit for

 Lubbison & Donarickon Pty LTD
(Consultants and Associates that
design, facilitate and assess our short skills
programes are qualified graduates/post graduates
belonging to various bodies such as SAICA, ICAN, ICSA, ETDP, IITA, Microsoft Certified etc.
Assessemnts are done on all trainings for verification of performance levels and Credit Worthiness. This is in a view to uniquely augment workforce levels amongst cadres.


466 Trouw Street Capital Park

training consult division
with registration number

 +27 12 329 0086
+27 81 529 4235

Email: info@lubbsolutions.xyz

Web: www.lubbsolutions.xyz
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